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March 09, 2008


Michael Goodman

Nice topic Mike. As a guy who calls the Eastern Time Zone regularly I can tell you the shift has changed my day. A two hour difference doesn't seem so large but a three hour difference is huge. I know TRY to get to the office at 6 AM to start talking to the East Coast at 9 their time. The good news is I am out the door at 3 with half a day left...

On a side note, we all tend to call it Daylight SavingS Time. In reality is meant to save an hour of daylight so it is really called Daylight Saving_ Time. No S on the back of Saving.

On another note, while it is meant to save an hours worth of lighting electricity in States that have it, the costs for DST go UP because of increased costs on other electrical expenses. Go figure.

Ramblings from a sleep deprived mind. I say we create a new time zone called Daylight Sleeping Time.

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