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September 21, 2008


Sales Cooke

Good call Mike. As they say be careful when you talk religion or politics. I have seen many deals go south when a poor choice of words are applied to sensitive subjects.

Ted Cook

I have a long term relationship as both a customer of and supplier to a salesperson I'll call Sally. Sally recently brought up politics during a call. She began by asking what my party affiliation was, and then proceeded to inform me that the owner of her company (her mentor) had stated to their sales force that "if they were even considering voting for Candidate X, they may as well leave the company now."

While I controlled my anger, I was livid that a) Sally had shared this with me under the presumption that it would impact my vote to hear her mentor's opinion on the election, and b) that the owner of a company would threaten his employees in this way.

I'm sure this kind of corporate political pressure happens often, and I may be naive to think that it shouldn't. I know I had a visceral reaction to it, not because of the political view expressed, but simply because, in my world, it is wrong.

I love a lively political discussion, but politics in the office, as well as on sales calls, can be highly inappropriate.

Wes Hopper

Mike, I think you're absolutely correct. Politics, especially in an election season, divides, it doesn't unite. One can discuss how issues relate to business and so forth, but anything more is generally inappropriate. In my business I work at stamping out "us vs them" thinking as it is personally and socially destructive, so partisan politics would be way out of integrity for me.

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