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May 06, 2009



-Sales people who are unnatural and are following some kind of outline in their head on how to close the sale, rather than just being with the person and building common ground while educating them and giving freely of their time (good service).

-When they expect you to come to them, instead of them offering to meet you at your office or somewhere that is convenient for you. And after suggesting if it could be arranged to come to them, they are inflexible.

-Manipulative leading questions like "if I told you that you could increase your sales by 50% this year, would you do it? Would that make good business sense? Would that be a wise decision? So when can we start?"

-They plain talk too much. They don't listen enough.

-When it's ALL about the salesperson, how much they've sold, how great they are - and not about the prospect. In a nutshell, selfishness and arrogance.

-If they started thinking more like a marketer and less like a used car salesman, they might sell more.

Michael Goodman

I like all the previous answers. I tend to think when a salesperson is on their agenda without regard to what is important to me as a buyer, than I get more than annoyed, I get gone. Whether they are talking too much which is probably my number one annoyance, or interrupting me in the middle of telling them what is important to me, my only thought is that what I want, and how I want to make this transaction work isn't going to happen and their concern is on their own needs. Not cool.
Frankly, those kind of salespeople annoy me for our whole profession, it is hard enough without bearing the scares of a less than professional sales person.

Michael Swaine

Sales people that don't do their homework is my pet sales peeve. Many don't even know what business I'm in, let alone our company size.

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